Learning The Behaviors Which Affects Your Body Resulting in Pain

Have you ever wondered what are the major reasons for you to have pain on your back or neck?

I have suffered for years with this type of soreness. It is no buenos.

The current reality is not very good for our body. Our modern routine is slashing our spine with gusto. And not only our spine but also many parts of our body. We have to perform a bunch of behaviors which then end up affecting certain parts of our body.

So here is what happens in a nutshell…

We have to sit hours (from watching TV to surfing on the internet, just like you are doing right now).

This sitting affects our spine because this behavior compresses it for a long period of time increasing tension on it second by second (yes you are doing this right at this second). So your spinal cord is being affected at this exact moment. Look at the absolutely complex structure your spine is:


But do not stand up right now to do some stretches to relieve the tension. Please keep reading!

Alright, lets add to the equation a few more variables. We also have to do some crazy efforts (like carrying groceries, mopping the floors, lifting our sweet children, you get the point…). And then to complete this amazing formula we add some bending (from getting car keys to tying shoes).

So lets see this equation working live and how it affects your spine:

By staying seated for a long time we increase the tension on our spinal cord. Then by doing all the crazy efforts and bending we create core imbalance which then damages our neck, back, shoulders, knees and hips.

Not cool all this stuff, right? All this basically results in only one thing which is not very pleasing:


Well, I can say I have been fighting for five years to finding a solution for this major problem in my life. I just could not find something that would work for real.

Discovering A Definitive Solution For Your Pain

Did you ever get know a person which changed your life in a feel minutes of conversation?

Very likely your answer is yes. If is not I am sorry you probably need to add some social skills to your life or just go to better places…

But this site is about me. Lets keep it on my life.

Alright. On a common day I was talking with some friends and I got to know a very smart woman called Jenny.

Believe me or not she had struggled with pain on her back and neck for eight years.

But instead of just complaining about it like most people she actually went on a journey of finding a definitive solution for her problem.

If she had done just that it would be already a great story to tell that you have such a great friend. But her story goes beyond…

She then not only shared the solution she found with her friends and relatives but also created a website with great content to help other people to learn what are the major causes of their soreness and how they can relieve it permanently.

I can not recommend Jenny enough. Curious about the solution? I can give you a preview of what you are going to find by showing you some excerpts of emails Jenny got from people which are using her discovery:

“.. Jenny thank you so much for sharing with me a definitive neck pain relief. I love your website because it taught me what are the real reasons of the problem so I could get rid of it forever… ”

“… I suffered for fifteen long years of severe upper back pain and I could not find a permanent relief for it. Thank you so much for creating this site… ”

“… I had stiff lower back for seven years. Today my back is so relax a masseuse could say I am on vacation …”

“… Jenny, for three years I suffered of lower back and hip pain and I could not find something that would cure my pain. Thank you so much for sharing quality information about this major problem. ”

Make yourself and learn  today how to treat the causes of your spinal cord issues:

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